Randy Ford Author- INTRUSION Chapter Nine Installment Twenty-two

Chapter Nine Installment Twenty-two
It doesn’t matter who called whom. “It’s okay,” Buddy said after Albert apologized. “We have a lot of catching up to do.”

“It has only been two weeks.”

And they started off where they left off Only this time they talked more about their hopes and dreams. So the two men became more intimate in a non-sexual way by talking about what they wanted in life, though they both were well on their way.. For the first time in many years Albert didn’t feel like he had to offer advice. They listened to each other and talked about their hopes and dreams and in the process that shared ideas, and little by little got to know each other.

There were many things they talked about, and their best ideas involved action and activism. It may take years of determination but they talked about doing something about prejudice, prejudice and what it meant then to be gay. Why, weren’t they accepted as gay men? Why weren’t gay men accepted? Why did they have to hide? Why did they have to go dark theaters showing gay porn to find companionship with like-minded men? Why? Why? Why? Why couldn’t open about who they were?

Even for Albert to talk about it took a lot effort, a lot of course, or so he thought, even with Buddy. What would it take to change everyone’s minds about being gay? Why not? There would always be those who would show hostility. There would always be those who would show prejudice.. There were always those … yes, those ignorant bastards. But there wasn’t much one could do about ignorant bastards. At first, people would feel very nervous, and there were reasons for it. To begin with … prejudice was a learned response. So, at first, people may feel awkward. Yes, they needed to be prepared for awkwardness.

Black people who lived for so long under the shackles of Jim Crow were finally making their voices heard. They were demonstrating, marching, but this was before Stonewall. This was before MLK. This was before LBJ.

Skilled as activist or not, there were a few gays … very few of then … who defying laws (many were taking chances because they didn’t have a choice). Some of them were arrested. And it wasn’t only in Texas.

By then a core group of gay men met occasionally in dark shadows, and Albert wished he could organize such a men’s group in his church. There were men’s group that focused on other things. There were other men’s groups meeting in his church, but a men’s group for gay men. Albert knew it wouldn’t fly. It was too soon. He knew it was too soon and wouldn’t fly. He wouldn’t even … even come out of the closet out of fear … out of fear … out of fear of losing his job. Having a men’s group for gay men, as far fetched as it seemed, was something Albert thought about. His church had groups for alcoholics and drug abusers, so why not a men’s group for gays. Of course, Albert knew why it wasn’t possible. He knew the consequences quite well. He knew what the reaction would be.

The greatest asset that came with attending a group was a support system. Without a support system people felt alone and rarely had anyone they could talk to about their inner feelings. ; and without a support system many gay men felt alone. Many gay men didn’t have anyone they could talk about their inner feelings. What Albert knew as the importance of a support system. He had always encouraged people to talk about their inner feelings.

Establishing a support system often presented untold challenges for gay people. It was especially had then before Stonewall and the movement that followed it. But people like Albert and Buddy carried on, although it often it involved rejection in one form or another, because of prejudice. Some people faced rejection, while a great number of gay people lived secret lives.

Buddy and Albert began spending more and more time together, so much time that it took Albert away from his church. Because of this, too, members of his congregation began to notice his absence and even began to talk among themselves. First a separation and then longer and long absences. At first many members assumed that Albert was spending more time with his children, or they hoped that that was what was going on because word finally got out that Alice and their children were now living in San Antonio

A year or so later, once it became public … very public indeed … once their minister lost his church because he was gay, some of them rallied around him. Still others, inspired by old prejudices, and religiosity, found ways to spite him. And while this problem was never completely eliminated it would never be as virulent as it was then.

As time went by moral at the church went down and as the drama played out everyone took one side or the other. And while few members of the congregation were interested in confronting Albert directly … they considered it the bishop’s business … each of them had an opinion.

Albert and Buddy, meanwhile, continued to see each other. They continued to talk and meet, drink tea and eat pie in the same coffee shop as often as they could. Needless to say, at first Albert felt uncomfortable … not because he felt uncomfortable around Buddy but the coffee shop was a public place. This may seem silly, but to Albert it was a safe alternative to going to Buddy’s place. While before Albert hadn’t hesitated going to some stranger’s place to have sex, now he felt hesitant about going to Buddy’s place. He still found Buddy to be hot, but he felt hesitant. What made Buddy different. Albert found a communal spirit in him. They found a communal spirit in each other. But within six or seven months that would all change.

Randy Ford

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by Leslie Kohler




Get ready for a fun-packed ride from Arizona high society to the fringes of the Mexican border! Follow Lila Morrison, ex-reporter turned Suburban Mon, on her quest to solve the brutal murder of a beloved Scottsdale artist. Will Lila find the killer before the killer finds her?


by Leslie Kohler




Slip into the secret society of the Travellers, modern day gypsies who will stop of nothing to win their deadly con games! Cheating golfer husband. Travellers muscling into SoCal’s beautiful Vista Beach. It’s up to Maggie Leman, ex-marketing exec, now Country Club Mom to solve this sordid tale.



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Kore Press-Fall News: Kore Biters, The Motherfield & Dreamteam

Kore Press-Fall News: Kore Biters, The Motherfield & Dreamteam

kore press / standing by women’s words since 1993

“I was entrusted with carrying voices, songs, and stories to grow and release into the world, to
be of assistance and inspiration,” Joy Harjo from Crazy Brave.

Kore Press Points
Welcome New Writers, Columns, & Editors
October 2014

Kore Biters is a new, monthly interview series that highlights the writing and literary activism of women writers who are transgressive and transformative
by Arisa White & Rosebud Ben-Oni

October / Bitches’ Brew
with Erika L. Sánchez

Author Erika L. Sánchez wears many hats: poet, journalist, activist,
Cosmopolitan for Latinas sexpert. In both her creative and journalist work, she’s written extensively on issues affecting women today such as reproductive rights, LGBT youth, migrant workers, and Latino politicians. Rosebud had the good fortune of meeting Erika in Austin, Texas, where they both attended the 2013 CantoMundo retreat. In selecting our inaugural poet for the KORE BITERS feature, Erika was the perfect choice.

What was your last bite? Torta de mole. It was delicious!

You wear a lot of different hats: poet, journalist, sex columnist, burgeoning novelist. How do you juggle these passions?
I’m also working full-time as a strategist focused on sexual and reproductive rights. I think I’m going to develop a hunch back and carpal tunnel. I’m exhausted and my anxiety is through the roof. I’ll have to start holding up my eyelids with toothpicks pretty soon. I’m always working, and when I’m not, I’m thinking and dreaming about it. I’m super Mexican like that. I’m terrible at balance, so I hope things get a little easier in the next coming months. Pray for me, please! READ MORE HERE.

Notes from the Motherfield
a new Kore column of fieldnotes and other writings of various
shapes and durations by motherwriters, as they can, when they can.

October / Invisible Labors

Toward a Theory & Praxis of Sustainable Feminism
by Monica Casper

I am a working mom. I need only utter these two words in certain circles to get heads bobbing in enthusiastic agreement. Other working moms know exactly what I mean when I mention, even offhandedly, lack of sleep, inability to concentrate, missed deadlines, disappointed children, infrequent sex, chronic fatigue, recurrent colds, body aches, irritability, acute financial worries, and the persistent sensation of being pulled like taffy in multiple, often competing directions. SEE THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Growing Dream Team
We have been building an amazing team of volunteer writer-editors, editorial assistants, advisors, Board, and manuscript reviewers at Kore Press, not to mention a mighty, super dedicated little staff. We are pleased to formally announce and appreciate our growing publishing
team here.

In gratitude & recognition

Ann Dernier, Patricia Grace King,
Layli LongSoldier, Heather Nagami, Trace Peterson

Kore Biters columnists:
Arisa White & Rosebud Ben-Oni

Joy Harjo, Jacquelyn Jackson, Leslie Shipman,
Lori Bable

Board Members:
Victoria Chang, Margie Puerta Edson, Khadijah Queen,
Sandra Bong Um-Pinkney

Lisa Bowden, Mel Madden, Maitri Mehta, Maria Moreno,
Therese Perreault


Kore Press | kore@korepress.org | tucson | AZ | 85701

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Ruminate Magazine Oct 23, 2014- Short Story Contest Only 4 days left to send us your short stories!

Ruminate Magazine Oct 23, 2014- Short Story Contest Only 4 days left to send us your short stories!

Ruminate Magazine | Chewing on life, faith and art
Only 4 days left to send us your short stories!

Curious about the types of short stories we publish?
Download a PDF of our past issues and take a look! Each one contains a prize-winning short story. The PDF is only $5, and you’ll receive the magazine instantly.
See Lori Vos’ prize winning Short Story in Issue 31 Read David Brendan Hopes 2013 prize winning story in Issue 27 Read Nahal Suzanne Jamir&squot;s “Stories My Mother Told Me” in Issue 23
You still have time to submit a short story! There are only 4 days left though, so don’t delay – submit your work at http://www.ruminatemagazine.com/submit/contests/fiction/

1st Prize: $1500 and publication Spring 2015
Runner Up: $200 and publication Spring 2015

We are pleased to have
Larry Woiwode as our finalist judge for the 2015 Short Story Prize. Author and poet, he has been awarded the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, Medal of Merit for “distinguished contribution to the art of the short story”, as well as numerous fellowships. Share your work with him!
Ruminate Magazine
1041 N. Taft Hill Rd. | Fort Collins, CO 80521 US

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The Playwrights Foundation- Rough Readings Series Presents THE STRANGER by Martin Zimmerman

The Playwrights Foundation- Rough Readings Series Presents THE STRANGER by Martin Zimmerman

The season of fall is upon us and that means its time to kick-off the 2014/2015 Rough Readings Series! Join us for a first look at Martín Zimmerman’s The Stranger!

This play deals with the aftermath of a brutal dictatorship. Protagonist Margot hires a homeless stranger to tell a lie; to tell a mother her son (abducted by the state and given to another family) is now dead. But when the stranger comes face to face with the mother, he can’t bring himself to tell the lie, and the mother’s convinced he can help find her son. The mother insists the stranger live with her while they search. But what will Margot do when she finds out the stranger hasn’t kept his word?

We would be honored if you would join us for these first readings.

As always, our Rough Reading Series is Pay What You Can.

Email RSVP@playwrightsfoundation or call 415 626-2176 to reserve your spot now!

Martín Zimmerman, a multiple award winning playwright, is a Resident of Playwrights Foundation. Join us on Monday, November 3rd, 7:30pm at Roble Hall, Stanford University and Tuesday, November 4th, 7pm at The Tides Theatre, San Francisco.

The Rough Readings series brings seven new plays to the Bay Area. All are performed as concert readings, directed and acted out by some of the Bay Area’s top professional theater artists and attended by patrons like you. Playwrights Foundation partners withThe Center For New Plays at Stanford University and Bay Area theaters to provide playwrights an opportunity to hear the drafts of their new plays in front of an audience.

The Rough Reading experience is a valuable rewriting and development process for many playwrights and an opportunity for theatre enthusiasts to catch a glimpse of the next big thing!

Staged Readings are PAY WHAT YOU CAN at the door
Reservations are encouraged!
See you in the seats!
Funding for the Rough Reading Series comes from the National Center for New Plays, The San Francisco Foundation, Grants for the Arts, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the RHE Charitable Foundation and generous individuals like yourself. Your support allows Playwrights Foundation to continue the discovery and development opportunites for local and national playwrights.


Read Our Blog!

Like us on Facebook!

Follow us on Twitter

Playwrights Foundation uses Vendini for ticketing, marketing, and box office management.

Playwrights Foundation – 1616-16th Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA, 94103, (415) 626-2176
Vendini, Inc. – 660 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, 1 (800) 901-7173

View as a web page.

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Trinity University- Stieren Arts Enrichment Series: Presents Virgil C. Johnson Lecture “Creating Illusion on the Stage: Re-imagining Costume History without using Wikipedia,”

Trinity University- Stieren Arts Enrichment Series: Presents Virgil C. Johnson Lecture “Creating Illusion on the Stage: Re-imagining Costume History without using Wikipedia,”

Trinity University Oct 23, 2014

Virgil C. Johnson
Theater Historian

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014 – 7 p.m.
Stieren Theater

Virgil C. Johnson, professor emeritus at Northwestern University, will discuss costume history as part of Trinity University’s Stieren Arts Series. A professional costume designer whose career in theater spanned more than 45 years, Johnson will present “Creating Illusion on the Stage: Re-imagining Costume History without using Wikipedia,”

Use hashtag #TUJohnson to follow the lecture on Twitter.

The Stieren Arts Enrichment Series is made possible through an endowment created by Jane and the late Arthur Stieren of San Antonio. For more information, contact Trinity’s human communication and theatre department at 210-999-8512.

More Events at Trinity University →
Trinity Home | Campus Map | Visitors & Friends
Copyright © 2014 Trinity University, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted in at our website.

Our mailing address is:
Trinity University
1 Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

Add us to your address book

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by Lori Hines

“Steeped in ancient mysteries, and pitting a team of heroes against a wily villain who seems to have no match, WHISPERS AMONG THE RUINS will keep you guessing at every turn. If you love the Southwest landscape, its myths and magic, and the people who once occupied it, you won’t want to miss this one.”- Kris Neri, author of REVENGE ON ROUTE 66

Lori Hines, Paranormal Mystery Author


Available on Amazon

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