Dr. David Orlowski Author- OUR FIRST 22 DAYS IN HEAVEN


by Dr. David Orlowski

“Expansive and imaginative!  It is more than an interesting read; it is a Bible-based, inspiring message of hope rooted in the living truth of Christ.”- D. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, Kings University

“I could not put this book down!  I now see Heaven three-dimensionally.”- Barry Goldwater Jr., U.S. Congressman

“Powerful and transforming!  C.S. Lewis’ writing … I was transported to a place of sight, sound and imagination.”- Dr. Michael Richardson

“This book is the Avatar version of Heaven!  It’s a fully vivid, technicolor rendering of what Heaven is really like!”- A. Avila Smith

“This book is tremendously gifted with imagination.  It has aroused and expanded our conceptions of heaven.  It just made us love God more.”- Pastor Paul Andrews, Faith Family Church

Available in paperback or eBook at TwoTressPublishing.com or call 480-619-8486


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Steve Betts Author- ANCIENT STONES

      by Steve Betts
Dust Jacket Hardcover
Print Type:
The Dawsons have decided to take an impromptu camping trip since their parents are out of town. When the park closes at 8:00 p.m. and the sun sets, ancient residents make themselves known, and the three children are thrust into a supernatural world where their eternal freedom is at stake.

On a late September afternoon, three teens embark on a weekend of relaxation only to find themselves engaged in a supernatural struggle against an evil that seeks to take them captive for eternity.

Available BarnesandNoble.com & Christian Book Stores

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Barry Lopez Author- OUTSIDE


by Barry Lopez    Illustrated by Barry Moser

The six stories in OUTSIDE showcase National Book award-winning Author Barry Lopez’s superb talent as a fiction writer.  They offer profound insight into the relationships between humans and animals, creativity and beauty, and ultimately, life and death.  Eleven engravings by legendary artist Barry Moser parallel Lopez’s  complex sense of our relationship to nature.

Offered by Trinity University Press

Trinity University

One Trinity Place

San Antonio, TX 78212

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Randy Ford Author- INTRUSION Chapter Two Installment Six


Chapter Two Installment Six

No, she couldn’t see tragedy ahead. She thought they could work through it. Perhaps she thought Albert would change. She obviously was fooling herself. But seeing tragedy ahead and doing something about it are two different things. Aren’t they? Yes, they’re two different things. Alice knew, saw it coming, and did nothing about it. If it came down to it, she was willing to sacrifice herself. She didn’t need to leave Albert. She knew it. She would always know it.


Revitalization took a long time. She knew it was a process and gave herself time. She made sure she didn’t jump into another relationship right away. She could’ve easily jumped into another one. She had plenty of opportunities, plenty of them. She wasn’t unattractive. She could be witty and fun. She was intelligent and a great conversationalist. She was alluring. Of course, she was. Albert knew she could put life her back together again. He knew it would be hard but knew she could do it. He thought, “All she needed was courage and encouragement.”


She endured childbirth twice, so he thought she could endure this. But childbirth wasn’t as painful as this. This didn’t have any joy like childbirth did. This was different because of the unnaturalness of the situation. She endured tremendous pain before but look at her then. She loved Albert! Look at her! Look how she suffers! By the grace of God she’ll get through it. She would have to leave Dallas and make a new life for herself somewhere else. She thought a lot about where that would be. Before she moved back to San Antonio she thought a lot about where she would she live. She didn’t know where she would like to live, but San Antonio was home. Her parents lived there. She seemed destined to live in San Antonio because she grew up there. So she would move to San Antonio and see what she would do for herself and her two girls.


When she moved, she felt more dead than alive. It was with the help God and pure will that she was able to move. And yes, Albert helped her. It felt awkward for both of them, but Albert still helped. Albert hated to see her go. He hated to see her move so far away. He would’ve liked for her to stay in Dallas. It was selfish of him but he would’ve liked it. It would’ve meant he would’ve been closer to his kids. It would’ve meant he wouldn’t have had to make long drives to see them.


Albert hadn’t anticipated all the consequences of his behavior. It’s to hard to know what he was thinking. He stared at Alice when she finally confronted him. How she wished already done it and how she wished it was over. There was no sure fire way of knowing what his reaction would be. It took tremendous courage to confront him because she was by nature deliberate. She tended to be charitable. She wanted to be charitable. She wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even when she knew she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, and she didn’t want to face the truth. The truth was devastating to her, so she didn’t want to face it.


So it turned out to be a to be a tragic morning in Alice’s life, but it transformed her in a way she never expected. That was how she felt once she moved on.


“But I will miss you Alice …,” he told her. “You’re my only true friend.”


She hadn’t expected him to say that. “I’m tired, Albert,” Alice said. “I haven’t been able to sleep.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Yes, I know. Now let me get some sleep. It’s you time to care for the girls.”


“No, I mean I’m sorry.”


“And I said I know.”


Albert then let her go to bed. She hadn’t even changed out of the clothes she wore the day before. Her head hardly touched the pillow before she went to sleep. It was the first real sleep she had in weeks.


Meanwhile Albert dressed and fed the girls, and when time came he called the church and told them he wouldn’t be in. Albert simply told them something came up. He told the truth. He always tried to be honest, honest about certain things. For that matter he didn’t need go into details. He didn’t need to because he didn’t consider it any of their business. And by the way he felt the same way about his homosexuality.


And how the hell could he think of anything else anyway? He scolded himself for thinking he could. His thoughts then were on Alice and his marriage, so how could he have dealt with anything else. He was now into unknown terrain and uncharted territory and for sure didn’t know what would happen. All he knew then was Alice was beautiful. And she hadn’t lost her temper. Nothing like that.


That was only the beginning, the beginning and the end. They weren’t ready to announce anything then. That would come later. In the house, after that, Alice and Albert rarely spoke. Alice and Albert both stopped talking. They only said what was necessary. This was when Alice confided in Maggie the most. She needed to talk and she and Albert no longer talked, so it was a good thing that she had Maggie.


Of course by this point you can guess what their household was like. Alice lost interest in most things, but two daughters kept her busy enough. She lost interest in housework, of course. She let many things go, including her appearance, except she never neglected her daughters. She neglected many other things but never her daughters. And she didn’t talk about what was going on inside her except with Maggie.


As Alice told Maggie, her husband was indeed queer and she would never have married him if she knew. “Only God knew what depth he sunk to during those years he lived a double life. It’s incredible to me that he kept it up for so long. Who knew? How did he do it? He fooled me. I didn’t know, and I’m his wife. And I know we can’t find a cure. While it is the homosexuals nature to fall prey to his or her urges, it is extremely hard on spouses. In my case there weren’t any signs.” She lied here. She lied because she had to lie. And they had their daughters to think of … and indeed they did. They agonized over how it would affect their daughters. She slept that day without stirring, and when she woke up … he would give her anything she wanted, anything.


Chapter Three Installment Seven



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Kareena Maxwell Author- STANLEY


by Kareena Maxwell

A new novel inspired by life of Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero, mother of Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America during 1995, the last year of her life in Indonesia.

Written in fine poetic prose, STANLEY is destined to become a best seller.  In real life Stanley’s father had wished for a boy.  When she was born, he surprisingly named her Stanley.  In her life, the admirable and legendary Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero became an American Economic Anthropologist who worked diligently and with great compassion in helping peasants of Kajar, Indonesia.  Maxwell has written this novel by creating a family of villagers and friends around a woman named Stanley.  We are privy to Stanley’s inner most thoughts as she explores the depth of love and friendship in search of her own identity as she is working to obtain microfinance loans to the Indonesian cottage industries.


The rain in Jajar is never easy.  It falls onto you face like tiny daggers and into your brain to sort out your real purpose in life.  Swift darts fly through the air furiously filling the ground until it swells with mudslides and mosquito filled pools.  In the elevated land of Jakarta thin people endure the volcanoes and ash that they inhale from the eruptions ….   … When I was a child I decided that people were so interesting that I was going to learn everything that I could about them.  Then I arose one morning and I was on the other side of the world.  I evolved here from a journey that began in America … My name is Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro and early on in life I had to defend myself … My father wanted a boy, and I was not going to forget it.  With my long black hair and interest in the … workings of who we are I …



Publisher: Jo-An Pictures Ltd.

Cover Illustration- John Lane

Hard Cover- 6×9 inches – 232 Pages


ISBN- 101-890719-11-0

Distributor: Ingram, Baker and Taylor, BookMasters, Atlas



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The Rogue Theatre- Presents Clifford Odets’ AWAKE AND SING

The Rogue Theatre Logo
300 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ  85705 – 520-551-2053 – www.TheRogueTheatre.org

Dear Rogues,
Like walking toward freshly turned soil with new seeds in hand, like waiting at a cafe table for your new friend to arrive, like gathering all the spices and vegetables for a new soup, the first rehearsal of a play is thrilling . . .
Tonight will be our first rehearsal of Clifford Odets’ Awake and Sing–the first play of our Tenth Anniversary Season at The Rogue. What will it be like to hear the words for the first time as we sit around a table in the middle of an empty room? 
Whatever we discover tonight (and in the ensuing weeks of rehearsal), we look forward to sharing this beautiful play with you in six short weeks, dear friends.
by Clifford Odets
A masterpiece centering on the lives of an urban family during the Great Depression
September 11 – 28, 2014 

Single tickets for all plays go on sale Friday, August 1.
Season tickets are currently available.

And in other news at The Rogue . . .
Our Spring Fundraising Cartoon raised over $15,000 for The Rogue to begin our season. Many thanks to all of you who were able to contribute!

And the brand new Tucson Modern Streetcar has launched! 
Have dinner at any of the wonderful restaurants on Fourth Avenue or downtown and catch the streetcar anywhere along the route and ride to The Rogue Theatre.
Rogues Matt Bowdren, Holly Griffith and Jake Sorgen on board!

For more information about
our upcoming season

go to
The Rogue Theatre website
or call 520-551-2053
The Rogue Theatre | 300 East University Boulevard | Suite 150 | Tucson | AZ | 85705

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