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Out of This World: Amazing, Supernatural or Unforgettable

WEDNESDAY, September 10, 2014

This show also features a demonstration of Flandrau Science Center’s brand new FullDome Digital Projection System–think IMAX with an Intergalactic Joy-stick. It’s not to be missed!
Storytellers to be announced soon!

This show is curated by Tony Paniagua. 

Come early to get a good seat, or …

Buy tickets here!

Show at 7pm, Doors open at 6:30.
University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center Planetarium Theatre, 1601 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ

Tickets $8

Got Stories? We want them.

To submit your story for consideration, send us a one-paragraph synopsis of your story and a brief bio about you.

Don’t be shy-we have a rehearsal and offer lots of guidance. 

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by Terry Ambrose


With $5 million and their lives on the line, can a determined criminologist and a beautiful con artist learn to trust each other?  Or themselves?

“On all levels LICENSE TO LIE justifiably earned this five star rating!”- San Francisco Book Review (1776 Productions)

“Terry Ambrose is breaking new ground and proving that there are new directions for mysteries to take .  This one is highly recommended.”- Midwest Book Review

For more information, visit TerryAmbrose.com/License-To-Lie



A million-dollar con gone wrong.  A failed attempt at murder.  A young girl living on the streets.  In this con game, only the strongest survive.

“A gripping, fast-paced read with characters you will want to see again and again!”- Deborah Crombie, New York Times Bestselling author of THE SOUND OF BROKEN GLASS”

CON GAME is the sequel to LICENSE TO LIE

For more information, visit TerryAmbrose.com/Con-game


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Beverly Eschberger Author- THE ELEPHANTS VISIT LONDON


by Beverly Eschberger

Illustrated by Jim Gower

9781932926309 (Paperback) – $3.99   96 pgs

A London Adventure!

Visit London with the Elephant Family.  Fun is in store as twins Harold and Penelope travel from Africa with their parents.  Join the adventure as the family tiptoes through historic buildings, rides the Underground, and enjoy traditional English food.  But when Harold and Penelope disappear from the Natural History Museum, the detectives from Scotland Yard are called in to solve the case!

Order from: Ingram, Baker & Taylor,

Follett Library Resources, or directly from the publisher.

Kinkajour Press, an imprint of

Artemesia Publishing

9 Mockingbird Hill Rd

Tijeras, New Mexico 87059



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Shannon Baker Author- BROKEN TRUST


by Shannon Baker

High-tech treachery, Hopi mysticism, and murder in Colorado’s stunning Rocky Mountains.

“For those of us who hunger for the kind of novel Tony Hillerman used to write so well, this promising new series may just fill the bill.”- William Kent Krueger, author of the New York Times bestselling Cork O’Connor Mystery Series

Available from Midnight Ink


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Randy Ford Author- INTRUSION Chapter Four Installment Twelve

Chapter Four Installment Twelve

A year passed before Alice and Albert separated and Alice moved to San Antonio with the girls. It was Alice who initiated the change. At first no one knew why they separated, all of a sudden without giving people warning. No one knew why except of course Maggie. By then Maggie had become a dear friend to Alice, a true confidant.

Both Alice and Albert were distraught. You can imagine what they went through and what they were going through. It was hell.

More than likely Albert tried to talk Alice out of it, but Alice had made up her mind. At least she knew he still loved her, apart from other than things she knew nothing about like who he met when he went out.

“You need some help!” Albert insisted.

Alice shook her head. Of course Albert intended to support her and his girls as much as possible. She resisted that too. She said she would only accept child support. Child support! Albert wasn’t then ready for divorce and child support was the last thing on his mind. Of course, he would pay child support. Of course he would support his girls. He was dumbfounded at any suggestion that he wouldn’t support them.

He helped her moved to San Antonio. He help her and their girls find a place to live, a suitable house off of St. Marys. The first thing Albert insisted was that he help her move to San Antonio and help her find a place to live with their girls in San Antonio. He also paid the rent that first year. No matter how much it cost him he paid the rent. She never considered moving in with her family. Albert never questioned this. He knew why Alice didn’t want to move back in with her family, though she could have.

As drove away that first time, as he headed back to Dallas, after returning a U-Haul, he said a prayer and asked for God’s help. He listened for God’s voice, resigned that it was for Alice and the girls rather than him.

Word spread quickly through his congregation that Alice and the girls no longer lived with Albert. For one thing they no longer saw her in church, and that was a big thing considering how minister’s wives were view then. Most people wondered why and wanted to know what was going on; while most people didn’t say anything.

So by then gossip filled the halls of the church until Albert had to give some sort of explanation. But was he ready, ready to come out of the closet, make his sexual preference public, and suffer the consequences? His anguish was incredible since he knew the consequences … since he already knew how his bishop felt, felt about gays, gays serving as ministers. How alone he felt seemed incredible.

He thought about asking Alice to come back. Now that she was settled with the girls in San Antonio he thought for convenience sake that if she back and they lived together it would better than the alternative. He wasn’t thinking of her well-being then. He knew that all the begging for forgiveness wouldn’t help. It wouldn’t change the fact that he was gay. He knew it would only delay the inevitable, but out of all of the options this was the only one he could think of then.

Word finally got out that Alice and the girls had moved to San Antonio. Stories grew until some began to say that Alice moved out because Albert was “harsh” to her. No one said he was abusive. And when Albert heard this he exploded, which only confirmed his explosiveness to those who heard him. And when left alone, Albert sobbed though he never sobbed or cried around anyone. He only sobbed a few times in the shower. Yet Albert’s congregation never guessed this and wanted to believe the source of their problem was Alice.

Albert, who needed it, finally asked his bishop for time off. He decided he needed it, needed it to decide what he going to do, Now that he knew that Alice and the girls were safe, living in a home San Antonio, close to her parents, he felt he had to take a few weeks off to think.

Albert took a pilgrimage to Turner Falls in the Arbuckle Mountains. By Interstate the Arbuckle Mountains were a short drive from Dallas and located in the opposite direction of San Antonio. It had been years since he had been to Turner Falls and then he had only driven by them. This time he rented a small cabin; in which he hoped to hear God’s voice again.

Albert often called on God, but hadn’t heard God’s voice since he was a boy? He worked at a church and prayed, pray for himself and other people, prayed every day, but hade he heard God’s voice since he was a boy? He thought he had, but now he wasn’t sure. In all fairness to Albert, it must be admitted that his experience was no different than for most people.

Albert himself could not explan why he chose Turner Falls that day. First it was too crowded for his taste, but he didn’t plan to hike or swim. After haven’t slept well for months, he plan to sleep and pray … and getting lost in a cabin, so it didn’t matter how many people were around. He thought it was as good a place as any to get some rest, think and pray. He would only go out to eat. He wasn’t hungry, so he wasn’t sure he wanted to eat.

The following day, without books or television, he stayed inside his cabin. By then, he had decided to fast. Maybe by fasting he would hear the voice of God and be witness to the miracle he was looking for. Until the next morning he didn’t think of time or his stomach, when he realized he couldn’t fast and looked for breakfast in the nearest town. And by then the spell of soitude was broken. By then he just wanted to drive and see where he would end up. So he spent the day driving around until he ended up where he started. He made a full circle but somehow avoided the City, Oklahoma City. The spell of solitude never returned. After that he remained in his cabin in a daze, trying to hear God’s voice.

And worst of all for Alice was that she didn’t want to leave Albert. She dreaded a separation, and for so long she tried to avoid it. But after so many, many months of turmoil (mostly internal) she felt she didn’t have a choice. And Albert felt the same way. For both of them their worlds had imploded.

Then what did they want? At first she thought she could change Albert. That if he had to choose, he would choose her and the girls. She looked for a miracle, but a miracle never came. And later she thought accomadation would work and for the sake of the girls she could make it work. “I beg you … “ she pleaded.

Of course, all this was confusing to Alice, who hadn’t come to terms with having a gay husband yet. For a long time she pretened the problem would go away.

Unbeknownst to Alice, however, her husband had found another soulmate, someone she wouldn’t found out about until after their divorce. Albert didn’t want a scandel. It was the last thing he wanted or needed. He didn’t want to lose his church, and believe it or not, he didn’t want to lose his family. Buddy understood this. And Albert knew there was no cure, while Alice looked for one. While Albert didn’t think he needed a cure, Alice looked for one. Some claimed to have a cure and oftered courseling and still Alice didn’t dare suggest her husband go to courseling. Albert was a counselor, a christian counselor, and a minister, and if he thought he needed it, he would surely seek counseling … though Alice knew if he sought courseling he would have to be descreet about it. She felt she had to be descreet too. She also knew he could go to the bishop.

“Albert?” Alice said a long pause. “How can we continue to live this way?” she asked her husband, who was in his study preparing for a surmon

“I don’t know, Alice.”

“It’s … “

“I know. I feel the say way.”

“What are we going to do?

But as it turned out, by then … by the time Alice asked this she had already made up her mind, She knew what she had to do. It took her a year but by then she knew what she had to do. It had been a slow process. She couldn’t go on living the way they had been living. She wanted more of her husband than he could give her and she knew it. She was giving up a dream but realized she had already lost it. She knew she had lost Albert. Now she had to move on, had to move on for her sake and her children’s. No matter how hard it was, hard it would be she had to move on for her sake and the sake of her children.

Now there were practacle matter, details, details that needed to be worked out. She didn’t have money of her own. Luckily Texas was a community property state. Though Alice knew Albert would be fair and would do all he could to support his children, they didn’t own any property. As a minister they always lived in homes own by the church and had accumulated very little savings. At least they didn’t have the hassel of selling a home and splitting the proceeds. But there were still many details to work out.

Slowly she went through the things in her head. She tried making a list. She tried making a list, but it didn’t seem right. There were certain things she definitely wanted to keep. She was surprised by some of those things. Surprisingly many of those things were associated with Albert. And many were much more than that, and this surprised her. Pictures primarily. It didn’t seem right to to cut Albert out of pictures with the girls.

Alice took off with as much of their funiture as a mid-size U-Haul would hold. She may have taken more of her share. Albert didn’t care. “I’ll help you,” he said, and this irritated her. It wasn’t enough that he insisted on driving the full U-Haul to San Antonio. It wasn’t enough that he insisted on helping her load the U-Haul. He insisted on helping buy a car. He insisted on giving her advice about buying a car, and this irritated her too. By then his mere presense irriated her.

As she drove behind the U-Haul in “his car,” Alice remembered other trips to San Antonio they took as a family. It was something she didn’t want to think about. It was too painful to think about, but the scenery along the way brought up those memories. And memories brought up more memories … the good and the bad. All were painful. She had to look straight ahead to stay on the road and stay awake. She had to look straight ahead to avoid the scenery.

The girls rode with their father in the truck

Was she less attractive than she used to be? Were her teeth still nice or were they now crooked? She knew he hair was still black, cut short, without any gray … all this Alice knew. But was she less attractive than she once was? What was happening to her? What was happening? She didn’t believe it … couldn’t believe it … wasn’t sure. Could she? Would she? She didn’t know.

Alice was too close to it for it to make sense to her then. This was happening to her. But as for her husband … who now, disappointed or just confused her was now helping her move to San Antonio and he wasn’t moving with her. And this perhaps was as good a time as any for her to start over.

Albert led Alice to San Antonio after Alice showered out her feelings for over an hour. There was no shouting. Albert stayed calmed as Alice showered out her feelings. She called him a few names. Afterward she wished she hadn’t called him a few names.

Then Albert began to arrange for her move, as she arranged the girls things for a move. All the while, she went on talking while Albert wasn’t hearing her. He was so “matter of fact.” She couldn’t believe how “matter of fact he was, and this irritated her even more.

“I just we we could ….”

“I know. I thought we could too.

“Anyway we have our daughters. Our beautiful daughters.”

“Yes, we do. And we’ll still have them.” He was so matter of fact.”

“That’s why I married you, thinking …”

“I know. You haven’t seen your parents in a long time. They’ll be happy to see you and the girls. I’m sure they missed you and the girls.”

“How can he be so cruel?” she thought.

“I love you.”

“And I love you.”

Alice closed her eyes and wondered how it could be true. How could he still love her? Then she felt like sobbing and had to leave the room. “Are you sure it isn’t a woman?” Alice asked, as she left the room.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Albert finally said. “I have a boyfriend.”

Tears were now flowing down Alice’s face, making it so she didn’t hear her husband say “I have a boyfriend.” Or maybe she just didn’t want hear it. Or maybe she heard it and …

Randy Ford

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Thomas D. Clagett Author- THE PURSUIT OF MURIETA


by Thomas D. Clagett

A Western Novel by Santa Fe author Thomas D. Clagett

Available at: http://www.amazon.com


Visit Tom’s website at:



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Melissa Stevens Author- HUNT KITSUNE BOOK THREE


by Melissa Stevens

Nickie returns to town eager to get back to her life and routine but soon discovers that there are many more changes headed her way.  After an old school friend is murdered, a threatening message is written on the news article about her death and left for Nickie.  She begins to wonder if maybe her friend had been killed as warning to her, but why?  Together, Nickie and Devon set out to figure out who is behind the murder and what it has to do with Nickie, but can they do it before she gets hurt again?


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