Writers Studio News Nov 25, 2014 – How one approaches the very thing one is afraid of & Writing Workshops

Writers Studio News Nov 25, 2014 – How one approaches the very thing one is afraid of & Writing Workshops

“WHAT YOU’RE HEARING IS HOW ONE WRITES SOMETHING THAT IS SO OVERWHELMINGLY EMOTIONAL, that it would be terrifying to approach. All this incredible craft, all this pleasure, all this joy, all this problem solving allows you to do it. And those stories all of you are so afraid of, you’re hearing something about how it is made. And how one approaches the very thing one is afraid of.” –Philip Schultz on the craft and process in Edward Hirsch’s book-length elegy Gabriel. Edward Hirsch was a guest in the Writers Studio Fall Craft Class.
* Winter Craft Class starts December 9. Reading lists are here. Order discounted books here. Register for Fall and Winter Classes here.

>> WINTER WORKSHOPS BEGIN IN DECEMBER AND JANUARY. SIGN UP NOW. Winter is the perfect time to join a community of like-minded writers and delve into good books to help you realize your own literary ambitions. Here is a sample of upcoming entry-level classes. Full schedule is here.
* Online Level I with Michele Herman begins Monday, January 5. Register here.
* Online Level I with Anamyn Turowski begins Wednesday, January 7. Register here.
* Online Intermediate Poetry begins Wednesday, January 7. Write to peter@writerstudio.com to apply for a spot in this class.
* NYC Level I with Brian McDonald begins Monday, January 12. Register here.
* NYC Level I with Therese Eiben begins Tuesday, January 13. Register here.
* NJ Level I meets in Short HIlls 6:30-8:30 PM with Doris Cheng beginning Tuesday, January 13. Register here
* Tucson Workshop with Renee Bibby starts Thursday January 8. Register here.
* San Francisco Workshop with Gail Ford starts January 7 and 8. Register here.
* Amsterdam Workshop with Charles Cassar starts Wednesday January 7 Register here.

>> CONGRATULATIONS, LIZ KINGSLEY. Now available for pre-order is Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily Experience, which includes an essay by Liz entitled, “Nature’s Perfect Blend: A Work in Progress.” Liz is the Writers Studio administrative director and a writer in the NYC Master Class. Order it here.

>> RISKY WORDS READING BY EPIPHANY MAGAZINE. Tuesday, December 14. Vietnamese high school rap, New York pedicabs, transgenderization, the Horsehead Nebula in Orion, and a wholly unreliable father’s prayer: all fodder for an Epiphany reading. Please join the editors to celebrate the launch of our blockbuster issue, “Risky Words.” Five contributing authors will read. With an introduction by editor-at-large, Joel Hinman, who teachers Level II Online and in NYC for the Writers Studio

>> THIS THANKSGIVING GIVE SOME YOUNG WRITERS A FUN AND CREATIVE REASON TO FEEL THANKFUL. Donate to the Writers Studio Kids Write, a program offering afterschool and summer writing workshops to high school students living in Brooklyn. These writing workshops are free to students and made possible through the generous contributions of community partners, individual donors, and Writers Studio community members. You can easily make a tax-deductible donation here.

>> POEM BY PHILIP SCHULTZ FEATURED ON THE WRITERS ALMANAC. Recently, the Writers Almanac featured the poem “Husband” by Writers Studio Founder Philip Schultz. Read it here.

Stay connected. Follow us on FB and Twitter for special offers from cultural institutions, free workshops, discounts, inspiration, and publishing opportunities:
http://www.writerstudio.com / 212-255-7075 / TWITTER /

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PM Press- Holiday Specials & Gift Opportunities!

PM Press- Holiday Specials & Gift Opportunities!

Revel in Revolutionary Notions and Get 50% Off All Books, e-Books, DVDs, and CDs!

About PM Contact Us Friends of PM Get Involved Submissions Events Store

By using the coupon code this month, everyone gets a taste of being a Friend of PM (FOPM), isn’t it great? The other fantastic benefit, getting monthly shipments of every release while supporting radical writers, filmmakers, and artists, can be had by becoming a FOPM (which also makes a great gift). See details below.

50% off all Books, e-Books, DVDs, and CD titles until December 31st, 2014.
From art and food politics to prison abolition and history – we have books, CDs, and DVDs that span a wide assortment of topics and genres that we are offering to you at the phenomenal rate of 50% off list price through December.

To get your 50% discount at checkout, type in the coupon code: holiday

To help you peruse various genres or topics, we have broken down our title list with a variety of sample releases. Click on the title or image of each book to see more information and a preview online.

If you are more of the adventurous type, just click HERE and browse our webstore.

This special offer does not have a minimum (or maximum) quantity required for getting the 50% discount, so strike while it’s hot!

Please also note: this special offer is not available for any further discount to resale customers or Friends of PM, nor does it apply to any Combo Packs.
Take a look below at a sampling platter of genres and titles you will find on our webstore!


World War 3 Illustrated: 1979-2014

Edited by Peter Kuper and Seth Tobocman
Introduction by Bill Ayers

Holiday price: $14.98
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

Who’s Afraid of the Black Blocs?: Anarchy in Action around the World

by Francis Dupuis-Déri Translated by Lazer Lederhendler

Holiday price: $9.98
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book

by Jacinta Bunnell and Nathaniel Kusinitz

Holiday price: $5.00
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48


The Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual

Edited by Strike Debt

Holiday price: $8.48
Holiday e-Book price:$4.48

Stop, Thief!: The Commons, Enclosures, and Resistance

by Peter Linebaugh

Holiday price: $10.98
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

Anarchist Pedagogies: Collective Actions, Theories, and Critical Reflections on Education

Edited by Robert H. Haworth
Afterword by: Allan Antliff

Holiday price: $12.48
Holiday e-Book price:$4.48


A Line in the Tar Sands: Struggles for Environmental Justice

Edited by Joshua Kahn Russell, Stephen D’Arcy, Tony Weis, Toban Black Foreword by Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben

Holiday price: $12.48
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

Sex, Race, and Class – The Perspective of Winning: A Selection of Writings 1952-2011

by Selma James

Holiday price: $10.00
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48


by Marge Piercy

Holiday price: $10.00
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48


Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World, 2nd. ed.

by Bob and Jenna Torres

Holiday price: $7.48
Holiday e-book price: $4.48

Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark’s Revolutionary Bank Robbers

Edited by Gabriel Kuhn

Holiday price: $9.98
Holiday e-book price: $4.48

Re:Imagining Change – How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements, and Change the World

by Patrick Reinsborough and Doyle Canning

Holiday price: $8.48
Holiday e-book price: $4.48


Wisconsin Rising (DVD)

by Sam Mayfield, Green Valley Media, and E.W. Stetson

Holiday price: $9.98

Until the Rulers Obey: Voices from Latin American Social Movements

Edited by Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein

Holiday price: $14.98
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48
LGBT Studies:

Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus

by Rachelle Lee Smith Foreword by Candace Gingrich
Afterword by Graeme Taylor

Holiday price: $7.48
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48


Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist

by David Hartsough with Joyce Hollyday
Foreword by John Dear Introduction by George Lakey
Afterword by Ken Butigan

Holiday price: $10.00
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

The World Turned Upside Down: Rosselsongs 1960-2010
(4 CD box set)

by Leon Rosselson

Holiday price: $22.48

Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood

Edited by Jeremy Adam Smith and Tomas Moniz

Holiday price: $7.50
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48


The Nature of Human Brain Work: An Introduction to Dialectics

by Joseph Dietzgen
Afterword, notes and bibliography by Larry Gambone

Holiday price: $10.00
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy

by Chris Crass
Introduction by Chris Dixon

Holiday price: $10.00
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

Men in Prison

by Victor Serge
Introduction and Translation by Richard Greeman

Holiday price: $9.48
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48


Stealing All Transmissions: A Secret History of The Clash

by Randal Doane Foreword by Barry “The Baker” Auguste

Holiday price: $7.98
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48

Patty Hearst & The
Twinkie Murders: A Tale of Two Trials

by Paul Krassner

Holiday price: $6.00
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48


Mango & Mint: Arabian, Indian, and North African Inspired Vegan Cuisine

by Nicky Garratt

Holiday price: $8.98
Holiday e-Book price: $4.48
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Sign up a friend for the **Friends of PM Press** Membership program and they will receive each month’s New Releases shipped directly to them!

Friends of PM allows you to directly help impact, amplify, and revitalize the discourse and actions of radical writers, filmmakers, and artists. It provides us with a stable foundation from which we can build upon our early successes and provides a much-needed subsidy for the materials that can’t necessarily pay their own way. You can help make that happen – and receive every new title automatically delivered to your or your friend’s door once a month – by joining as a Friend of PM Press. And, we’ll throw in a free T-Shirt when you sign up.

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Please note – this membership program is not available for the 50% off discount advertised in this email. It is one of the few items that already exists at such a steep discount that we cannot discount it even further. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for all of your support!
~ PM Press

PM Press | stephanie@pmpress.org | http://www.pmpress.org
PO Box 23912
Oakland, CA 94623

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Australian Writers’ Centre 20 November 2014- Grammar and punctuation & BLURB competition winners & Writing Courses

Australian Writers’ Centre 20 November 2014- Grammar and punctuation & BLURB competition winners & Writing Courses

One of the most popular sections by far is our Q&A section on grammar and punctuation. It’s written by our content manager and resident funny guy, Dean – who has a way of describing even the blandest of rules with a tongue-in-cheek craziness that always guarantees a smile. (Or a cringe if he’s on another pun-fest.)

Yet behind the banter and humour, there are some actual rules and conventions being examined. Our aim with the Q&A is to enlighten you with some of the more hazardous areas of the English language – in fact, most topics have usually come about from either a direct query from you or simply seeing common errors that trip up even the best writers.

Mastering excellent grammar and punctuation is such an asset for all areas of your life. From job applications to letters that get you out of parking tickets – words always sound better when they’re error-free! It’s something that’s not really taught as you get older – but we can help with that. Our excellent course in Grammar and Punctuation Essentials – coming up in a few weeks – covers everything you need to know in one day. You’ll be writing with more confidence immediately!

Have an error-free week! (And don’t forget to do our survey below!)

Tell us what you REALLY think…
Al Tait

The Australian Writers’ Centre is a community – made up of thousands of writers just like you. We’re constantly looking at new and exciting ways to make everything we do even better – and we need your help! It’s our
TWO MINUTE SURVEY – completely anonymous, and just for completing it you’ll receive a $10 voucher to use on any course!

(We did the maths, and $10 for two minute’s work is like being paid $300/hr. Not bad.) Do it NOW (it’ll open in a new window and we’ll wait for you to come back).

Q&A: The power of post-positivity

Q: Hello Australian Writers’ Centre, sorry I’m late.
A: Oh, didn’t actually realise we scheduled these things, but okay.
Q: Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m late?
A: No. It’s like when someone just puts “Bad day” on their Facebook status just so that people will ask them to elaborate.
Q: Well… okay, if you insist, I will tell you. I had a building meeting. My neighbour, Bill, wants to paint his door bright pink, but the body corporate is against it. And that’s where my question comes in…
A: Well, we don’t live in your building, so it doesn’t seem fair to––
Q: No, not that. One of the members was talking about something that “other bodies corporate did” and it just sounded silly. It’s silly, right? Right?
A: It’s correct though.
Q: Seriously? “Bodies corporate”?
A: Yes, you’ve stumbled upon an interesting aspect of English. Are you familiar with post-positives?
Q: Haha, well most of the post I get isn’t very positive. Bill….Bill….Bill….Bill…
A: You certainly get a lot of bills in the mail.
Q: No, I’m always getting Bill’s mail. You know Bill – he lives next door and wants to paint his door pink. Our postie is half-blind and delivers his mail to me.
A: Okay, well it’s not that kind of post-positive.
Q: Oh, so you’re talking about social media? Because I always post positive things – never stuff like “Bad day”. Just the other day I posted a picture of a kitten and a puppy and a baby fur seal all holding hands and riding a tricycle while eating cupcakes and playing ukuleles. It got 97 likes.
A: Okay this could go on all day, so we’ll just explain it. Post-positive adjectives are those that come after the noun that they’re modifying. So instead of a “corporate body” for your building, it’s termed “body corporate”. Others include “mission impossible”, “princess royal”, “film noir” or “sister-in-law”. It’s partly a throwback to medieval times.
Q: Well yes, it does seem all a bit backward.
A: Well, it’s actually the normal way of doing things in languages like French, Spanish or Italian – adjective coming after the noun. But in English, we tend to not go that route. The ones that remain are either leftovers from French legal/military influences or are established traditional phrases.
Q: And plurals like “bodies corporate”?
A: Well if you think about what happens when you make something a plural, you’re not doing anything different, per se. Simply adding an S (or “ies” for bodies) to the noun. It’s just that the noun isn’t at the end.
Q: Quick side question – what does it mean when you say “per se”.
A: It translates from Latin as “by itself” or “as such” – intrinsically, essentially, in essence.
Q: Thanks. So, “bodies corporate” is correct.
A: Sure is. As are “courts-martial”, “sisters-in-law”, “attorneys general”, “sergeants major” and “heirs apparent” to name just a few. You also have ones which are always in plural form like “Alcoholics Anonymous”, “accounts payable” and the “Brothers Grimm”.
Q: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “attorney generals” used.
A: It’s true that there’s a push to switch it, but for now, it remains a throwback from another language and another time. “Time immemorial” you might say.
Q: I’d never say that. So, are there other places you’d find post-positives?
A: Places aplenty! (That’s another one.) They can be used purposefully by a writer to add poetic effect to their words – like “murders most foul” or “words unspoken”. It makes things a bit more dramatic, old-fashioned or grand. Also, reversing it often subtly changes the meaning.
Q: How does it change the meaning?
A: “We vow to catch the people responsible” vs “we vow to catch the responsible people.”
Q: Ahhh okay, fair enough. I guess that changes things. I hope they catch them.
A: And some adjectives are purely post-positive – they always appear after the noun. Things like “extraordinaire” – (presenter extraordinaire) or “galore” (courses galore).
Q: Okay, all this talk has made me hungry. I’m off to eat some post-positive food like eggs Benedict and spaghetti bolognaise.
A: Say hi to Bill!

Got a Q&A topic you’d like us to tackle?
Send us an email!

Podcast: Episode 38

In this week’s podcast we talk about whether writers should use co-working spaces? Tom Hanks’ new book inspired by typewriters; double space or single space after a full stop. AWC graduate Lisa Chaplin scores a book deal; how to do your own publicity and Writer in Residence Toby Jenkins.

You can listen to the podcast here or find it on iTunes here. If you don’t use iTunes you can get the feed here.

Courses starting soon
You’ll find a course starting soon to suit your writing goals:

Enrol now!
Writing Books for Children
and Young Adults (Online)
Your online course starts:
The week beginning 24 November 2014
Inspire and entertain a new generation
of readers
Book now
Enrol now!
Magazine and Newspaper
Writing Stage 1 (Online)
Your online course starts:
The week beginning 24 November 2014
Making a byline for yourself in feature writing
Book now
Enrol now!
Blogging for Beginners (Sydney)
Your course is on:
Thursday 27 November 2014
Because if you’re going to do it, do it right
Book now

Tuesday 2 December: See you there!
Al Tait

Tuesday 2 December, from 6.30pm is our next Sydney meetup at the Kirribilli Club in Lavender Bay (right next door to our Centre). Meet fellow writers, members of our awesome team and guest speaker, author Allison Tait, as she discusses her new book The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the End of the World.

Book via our website today!

Our BLURB competition winners

Last week the theme was “BLURB” because we were giving away four $30 Blurb gift vouchers for lucky winners to use in creating their own professionally printed books. What you had to do was look at this picture and provide a “blurb” in 30 words or less to describe the story.

Congrats to our four winners: Janet M, Michele P, Sean E and Slav J.

Here’s Michele’s winning blurb:
He saw a pile of steel and she saw magical possibility. A story about being in love with someone who just doesn’t get it.

This week’s competition wants just one word from you – a name in fact. Scroll directly below to win A.L. Tait’s The Mapmaker Chronicles. Good luck!

WIN A COPY of The Mapmaker Chronicles

Spoiler alert: A.L. Tait is actually Allison Tait – Australian Writers’ Centre presenter! (Shhh don’t tell anyone.) Jump onto the blog to read our interview with her. And we’ve got two copies of her children’s adventure The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the end of the world to give away. All you need to do is tell us if YOU were naming a new country, what would you name it?

Easy, right? Reply to this email and change the subject to MAP. The two most interesting entries will each win a copy of this fabulous new book.

Entries close 11.56pm, Monday 24 November. Good luck!

Slip hazard: Are you a “capitalist”?

Are you over-capitalising words? Only proper nouns (names, places, brands etc) need them, despite how important it may look. To say you write for a Parenting Magazine is wrong. (However, you might say “I write for Parenting Weekly” – as that is the actual name of the magazine.) Likewise, it’s not the 21st Century – we are in fact living in the 21st century. (Again, confusion may be from the real estate name Century 21 or even film company 20th Century Fox.)

The big exception can be headlines – especially on news sites, where Every Word In The Headline Often Looks Like This.

Featured Course: Learn the business writing essentials
Business Writing Essentials – one-day course with Kate Hennessy

Enrol now!If you deal with a lot of words on a daily basis, and often find yourself a little foggy on all the rules, this day course could be the best thing that ever happened to you. The fabulous Kate Hennessy provides you with a veritable feast of tips, tricks and techniques to help you say goodbye to glaring mistakes in your emails, letters and any general communication you do! (That’s the great thing about learning rules.)

If you want to be essential to your business, you need Business Writing Essentials!

Course: Business Writing Essentials with Kate Hennessy
When: Wednesday 3 December 2014
Time: 9am–5pm

Real estate ads are a constant source of typo amusement. And many agents will claim that their expertise is to sell, not spell. But, all the same, it does rattle our confidence a little when we see headlines like these!

In fact, it’s the sought of thing we find amusing.

Webpick: Do I need to buy this person a gift?

Don’t fight it, Christmas is coming. And we liked this flowchart, which unapologetically puts everything into crystal clear perspective. It doesn’t have a lot to do with writing, but that’s okay because gifts for writers don’t need to either! :-)

The final word:
The final word

(Our list of courses isn’t infinite, but it’s pretty close! Check them out below…)

Upcoming course dates

Online courses
Online course: Creative Writing Stage 1 with Cathie Tasker/Pamela Freeman – NEW DATE
Week beginning Monday 24 November 2014 for five weeks

Online course: Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 with Allison Tait
Week beginning Monday 24 November 2014 for five weeks

Online course: Writing Books for Children and Young Adults with Judith Ridge
Week beginning Monday 24 November 2014 for five weeks

Online course: Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques with Cathie Tasker/Pamela Freeman
Week beginning Monday 1 December 2014 for five weeks

Online course: Writing Picture Books with Cathie Tasker
Week beginning Monday 1 December 2014 for five weeks

Online course: Travel Writing with Julietta Jameson – NEW DATE
Week beginning Monday 15 December 2014 for five weeks

Sydney courses
Seminar: Blogging for Beginners with Kim Berry
Saturday 22 November 2014 (two-hour morning seminar)

Seminar: Blogging for Beginners with Kim Berry
Thursday 27 November 2014 (two-hour evening seminar)

Seminar: How to Create and Sell Your Ebook with Anna Maquire
Monday 1 December 2014 (two-hour evening seminar)

Course: Business Writing Essentials with Kate Hennessy
Wednesday 3 December 2014 (one-day course)

Course: Grammar and Punctuation Essentials with Deb Doyle
Thursday 4 December 2014 (one-day course)

Weekend course: Travel Writing with Sue White
Saturday 10 January and Sunday 11 January 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Weekend course: Creative Writing Stage 1 with Claire Scobie
Saturday 10 January and Sunday 11 January 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Course: Creative Writing Stage 1 with Jeni Mawter – NEW DATE
Starting Tuesday 13 January 2015 for five weeks

Course: Writing Picture Books with Cathie Tasker
Starting Wednesday 14 January 2015 for five weeks

Course: Life Writing with Patti Miller
Starting Friday 16 January 2015 for six weeks

Weekend course: Writing Picture Books with Cathie Tasker
Saturday 17 January and Sunday 18 January 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Weekend course: Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 with
Sue White
Saturday 17 January and Sunday 18 January 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Course: Magazine and Newspaper Writing Stage 1 with Alexandra Spring Starting Wednesday 28 January 2015 for five weeks

Course: Write Your Novel with Pamela Freeman
Starts Monday 2 February 2015 (6 month program)

Weekend course: Crime and Thriller Writing with L.A. Larkin
Saturday 7 February and Sunday 8 February 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Weekend course: Popular Women’s Fiction with Lisa Heidke
Saturday 7 February and Sunday 8 February 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Weekend course: Food Writing with Carlie Ratcliff
Saturday 14 February and Sunday 15 February 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Course: Writing Australian History with Pamela Freeman
Saturday 22 February 2015 (3-hour half-day course)

Course: Writing for the Web with Grant Doyle
Thursday 26 February 2015 (one-day course)

Course: Professional Business Writing with Kate Hennessy
Tuesday 3 March 2015 (one-day course)

Course: History, Mystery and Magic with Kate Forsyth
Saturday 7 March and Sunday 8 Sunday March 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Course: What Publishers Want with Bernadette Foley – NEW DATE
Saturday 22 February 2014 (half-day course)

Course: Screenwriting Stage 2 with Tim Gooding
Starting Tuesday 17 March 2015 for five weeks

Course: Plotting and Planning with Kate Forsyth
Saturday 21 March 2015 (one-day course)

Weekend course: Fantasy, Science Fiction and More with Pamela Freeman
Saturday 21 March and Sunday 22 March 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Seminar: Self-publishing: How to do it with Geoff Bartlett – NEW DATE
Thursday 26 March 2015 (two-hour evening seminar)

Weekend course: Travel Memoir with Claire Scobie
Saturday 28 March and Sunday 29 March 2015 (2 consecutive days)

Course: Introduction to Novel Writing with Pamela Freeman
Starts Wednesday 22 April 2015 for six weeks

Course: Writing Books for Children and Young Adults with Judith Ridge – NEW DATE
Starts Thursday 23 April 2015 for five weeks

Course: Writing About Interiors, Style and Design with Nigel Bartlett
Wednesday 6 May and Wednesday 13 May 2015

Overseas writing tours – 2015
Memoir Writing in Paris with Patti Miller
When: Thursday 22 October to Saturday 7 November 2015

Best wishes,
Valerie Khoo
National Director

Australian Writers’ Centre

Sydney and Online: (02) 9929 0088
Melbourne: (03) 9005 6737
Perth: (08) 9468 0177

Australian Writers’ Centre | National office: Suite 3, 55 Lavender Street Milsons Point, New South Wales 2061 Australia 02 9929 0088

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kore press / standing by women’s words since 1993- Metta Sáma, Motherfield Notes & Giving Tuesday

kore press / standing by women’s words since 1993- Metta Sáma, Motherfield Notes & Giving Tuesday


“I was entrusted with carrying voices, songs, and stories to grow and release into the world, to
be of assistance and inspiration,” Joy Harjo from Crazy Brave.

Kore Press Points
Metta Sáma, Motherfield Notes & Giving Tuesday
November 2014
Kore Biters is a new, monthly interview series that highlights
the writing and literary activism of women writers who are transgressive
and transformative
by Arisa White & Rosebud Ben-Oni
November/ Mettaspher
with Metta Sáma

Welcome to the Mettasphere! There is still oxygen to breathe, the weather is to
your comfort, some days,
and you need to tune your
ear to a major note, sometimes unheard, sometimes heard all too
much. Maybe it’s a beat sampled from an ancestral song, some psyche mash-up, but what we love about
Metta Sáma is that she is
a woman of the word, her words, of vision, and just
all-around badass. She is
the author of, most recently, After “Sleeping to Dream”/After After (Nous-Zot Press 2014) and Nocturne Trio (YesYes Books 2012). Her poems & stories have appeared in All About Skin, Apogee Journal, The Baffler, bluestem, Kweli, Pyrta, RedLæf Poetry & The Rumpus, and among others. She is an assistant professor and director of creative writing, where she oversees the Center for Women Writers, at Salem College in North Carolina.

What was your last bite? Not sure if this qualifies as a bite: I’m a title biter.
I take titles from lines of other people’s poems & make them titles to my poems (the first time was “From under that yellow half-moon late-risen and swollen,” which was pulled from Walt Whitman’s “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking” & the last was “the body, a myth,” which was taken from Tracy K. Smith’s poem, “History”). In my current chapbook collection, After “Sleeping to Dream”/After After, each poem takes the title from a piece of visual art. I love ekphrastic pieces and attempted my first one a decade ago with “After Gustav Klimt’s “Mother and Child” ” a rather dreamy strange image of three generations of women.

What’s going on in the Mettasphere-what is it we need to know, should know, and better know? I’m pretty obsessive about seeking out injustices
and thinking of various ways to address injustices-via art, via community
actions, via scholarship, via family, etc. It’s rather exhausting, of course,
because it’s spirit work and psyche work. So, what to know about me: I spend
a lot of time looking out of windows, more time walking up and down path-
ways, although many times when I go out for a walk, I think of the way that
my mother would discipline us: “If you lie to us, then one day God will take
your brain and you will become one of those crazy people walking aimlessly
all day long.” This haunts me. I love walking aimlessly and would do so all day long if I could. And I love being tuned in to my brain, finding ways to control it,
to relinquish control to it.

Notes from the Motherfield
a new Kore column of fieldnotes and other writings of various
shapes and durations by motherwriters, as they can, when they can.

November / Living In-Between
Shefali Milczarek-Desai

I was on the phone with my
parents pronouncing my sons’ Indian names with a Gujarati
accent when my five-year old
son loudly corrected me, “Mommy! It’s not ‘Saagr’ it’s ‘Saww|ger’!”
His harsh American drawl accentuated and apparent in his corrections to my softly flowing Gujarati. I tried explaining that there were two ways to say his name-the American way daddy
said it and the Indian way I said it. But he was furious. He angrily instructed me never to mispronounce his name again.

I was stunned. Had I mis-
calculated by not immersing
my children in my parents’ immigrant culture?

When I was my son’s age, I
was highly aware of my Indian-ness and desperately tried to
wish it away. In elementary school, I was an outcast for
being brown and having parents who spoke, at least to my peers, in indecipherable English. I craved white skin and a name people could
pronounce on the first try. SEE THE FULL ESSAY HERE.

Black Friday. Cyber Monday.
Giving Tuesday

After two days of shopping, a day to give back. December 2nd

In the week following Thanksgiving, Americans will spend millions of dollars in the shopping frenzies around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday
is a day to remind us all that giving means much more than the exchange of material goods-it means volunteering, helping out a friend in need, and, of course, donating to worthy causes like Kore Press and so many others.

As the go-to crowdfunding platform for causes, Razoo is enabling nonprofits across the country to participate in #GivingTuesday™ through online fundraising.

Join us in a 24-hour movement of generosity &
everyday philanthropy:
December 2nd, 2014 from 12:01 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. EST

Last year, Razoo’s Giving Day raised $1,141,097 in 24 hours!

Kore Press | kore@korepress.org | tucson | AZ | 85701

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Helen Ryder Freelance Author- Useful Free Writer Resources for Aspiring Authors

Useful Free Writer Resources for Aspiring Authors

by Helen Ryder Freelance Author

This past year has seen a lot of literary events take place across the country offering some fantastic opportunities for aspiring writers and editors alike gain access to vital information about everything in the writing world, from the politics of publishing to the creative process itself. Industry experts, professors, and writers from journalistic, academic, and creative fields gather to discuss various ideas and concepts which offer key advice as well as challenge current trends in publishing for popular and literary fiction and non-fiction. Networking also comprises an essential component of these events and as a result, many writers and editors walk away on the brink of new opportunities, goals, and dreams.
But for writers who are not within a commutable range of these events or simply cannot allot time on their schedule, then the online world is the next best thing. While it may not offer the same kind of engaging and integrative experience as in-person conferences, seminars, workshops and other social events, it does provide a venue and a widespread community which can offer invaluable guidance. Here are a few choice resources for writers which may come in handy – and best of all, they’re free!

Creative Writing

There are two different types of resources which are useful for creative writing: 1) a database which has legal access to thousands of documents which fall into the genre, and 2) a resource which offers useful tips for improving creative writing skills. Bartleby, Poetry.com and Project Gutenberg provide an excellent collection of literary titles from all the classic writers, while Amazon also offers several free classics for kindle readers (those who don’t own a kindle can download an app for pc or smartphone) and some local libraries also offer these resources. Creative commons – where material is released into the public domain – is a great place to search for some free literature, as well as many university websites across the country.
The emergence of self publishing has also given rise to sites like wattpad, which not only feature a library of classics but also user-written creative work which is published and open for feedback; it can be a great exercise for beginners and developed writers who wish to share their material. As for writing tips, a few simple google searches will reveal a vast universe of information which is fantastic for the sake of variety, but writers must not be afraid to try out new techniques, kill old ones, reinvent themselves, move on or return to the familiar – after all, there is no absolute rule to writing. Purdue University offers a comprehensive database on creative writing spanning from the basics to elaborate frameworks of writing principles, while Brain Pickings showcases fun, charming tidbits of advice from famous thinkers – a light-hearted yet passionate site which is always entertaining and inspiring.

Convincing Copy

Success in the publishing world – as well as the media world – doesn’t just depend on one’s ability to write specific types of fiction. It also requires a strong understanding of journalistic, academic, and technical writing just to name a few, and the many different voices which go alongside it. As the web becomes the primary source of information for just about everything, it’s important to be able to produce copy which can effectively help writers to market in the virtual world as well as the real one. Creative thinking is definitely an asset here, and the art of writing copy itself – given its highly strategic and innovative structure, as well as variety – is an excellent way to cultivate some good writing skills. Visiting professional sites which specialize in various forms of copy and offer reading samples is one good way to get an idea of what customers want. Xlibris, a leading publishing company, is also a great resource which offers some great guidelines for writers who are eager to venture into publishing and need a head start on crafting some copy for that particular field.

The World as a Classroom

Since the emergence of the mighty MOOC (massive open online course), leading academic institutions from all over the world have opened up their classrooms to the rest of the planet, giving access to some of the most acclaimed professors and fascinating topics of study at the university level. MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and UT are just a few of the major players on this circuit, offering courses in everything from advanced planetary science to studies in literature and writing. It’s a great way for aspiring writers to get started, with sites like edx and coursera leading the way in free internet education. Most classes do not require pre-requisites, and students can opt to either audit the class or actively participate in course work to receive a grade at the end of the semester. All that is required is a fairly competent computer and internet connection for access into the lecture hall and some truly inspiring classes which animate the soul, and while in-class discussion is not available, there are discussion forums where ideas can be shared and cultivated so that a collaborate aspect is still present.
It’s an old tune but the most importance piece of advice which spans the board is practice, practice, practice – and use the internet to its full potential for this purpose, be it through blogs, social media previews and snippets, and more. With so many online writing communities available where people can give and receive feedback, develop their ideas and share knowledge, the prospective writer is in a better position than ever to learn and to make things happen in this rapidly changing world of information.

Helen Ryder Freelance Author https://us-mg6.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch#

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“It’s a strong cast made stronger by Spector’s dialogue and director Christine Young’s staging, which effectively highlights the comical awkwardness of human interaction.” – KQED

Winner of Aurora Theater’s
Global Age Prize!

Just Theater Presents

In From the Cold
Directed by Christine Young

Runs Through November 23!
Live Oak Theatre, Berkeley

Ladies Night at Chili’s, the hidden meaning of 80’s movies and the quandary of where the past ends and the present begins are all part of the mystery surrounding this aging Cold Warrior.

http://www.justtheater.org or 510-214-3780

Central Works Presents

Directed by Gary Graves

Runs Through November 23!
Central Works Theater, Berkeley

A new comedy about the Morning Glory Baking Circle for Revolutionary Self Defense

or 510-558-1381

Playwrights Foundation uses Vendini for ticketing, marketing, and box office management.

Playwrights Foundation – 1616-16th Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA, 94103, (415) 626-2176
Vendini, Inc. – 660 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, 1 (800) 901-7173

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